24-month warranty for Submersible Motors and Borehole Pumps

Quality and a 2-year warranty for all Caprari customers.

High performance and reliability have always distinguished Caprari products, and starting today it will be possible to take advantage of a warranty for Submersible Motors and Borehole Pumps that lasts 24 months.

Reliable products, robustness and know-how developed over 70 years of history allow Caprari to offer its customers a 2-year warranty at no additional cost on Submersible Borehole Electric Pumps, also sold separately.

The 24-month warranty is valid for all products purchased after 1 July 2018 and represents a concrete and important financial advantage for all customers.

24 months of tranquillity for Submersible Motors and Pumps of our range from 6 to 22 inches.

The warranty applies to the following products

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Warranty terms